About the Artist


Richard V Stern was born in February 1953 in Kansas City, MO. The earliest artwork he remembers creating was a deep purple finger print painting at the age of four.  Throughout his early childhood and on into high school he experimented with various types of image- making, including drawing and painting.


When he was 16, Richard had his first exhibition of paintings at a Kansas City gallery and began marketing and selling his unique form of geometric expressions.  At the age of 17, Richard created his first film while also working as a grip and sound person on films being produced in the Kansas City area. For nine years - from the age of 16 to 26 - he also designed stage lighting for concert halls and stadium concerts for groups that included the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Elton John.


Richard is an alumnus of the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute where he majored in photography and cinematography.  Post college he worked for several advertising agencies and corporations creating award-winning work, including a Clio and International Illustrator’s Award of Excellence for clients that included McDonald’s, AT&T, Dr Pepper/Seven-Up, Eli Lilly, Frito-Lay, Hallmark, Goodyear Tire, Hill’s Science Diet, Lee Jeans, Monsanto, Pizza Hut, Tandy Corporation and Texas Instruments.


He now resides in a suburb of Kansas City with his wife Kimberly and their three cats Saffie, Georgie and Frannie.



Vermont Tree No. 4, 2006

Reflection, 2006

Train Time, 2006

Vermont Barn No. 2, 2006

Winter Swans, 2007